C-Level Seminar: Copilot & AI Transformation for Mid-Sized Businesses

For managers up to C-level

Copilot AI Transformation for Businesses

Designed for mid-sized companies
Price: 2,000 EUR + VAT
(Max. 12 participants)


Copilot ai transformation

The past two years have seen significant advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will have major impacts on all types of businesses in the future. The key question is: “How can effective AI transformation be achieved?”

Specifically for executives (C-Level), business owners, and AI Transformation officers, our two-day seminar aims to provide knowledge about Microsoft Copilot and AI tools, and to create an action plan tailored to each company.

This plan includes key aspects of AI and IT governance, defines responsibilities, and lays a holistic foundation for dealing with AI. With this roadmap, it will be possible to concretely plan, implement, and successfully integrate specific AI technologies. In addition, possible AI use cases will be discussed, and strategies for optimal approaches will be developed.


Why this Seminar is Important:

Experiences with Copilot: A Microsoft employee will join live from Dublin to share exclusive insights and personal experiences with Microsoft Copilot.

Preparing for the Future: Participants will learn how AI and Microsoft Copilot are changing the work environment and what this means for their business strategy.

Networking and Exchange: Opportunity for networking and sharing experiences with other executives.

Seminar Contents:

Participants will gain knowledge on AI basics and get an overview of current AI tools. They will be equipped with a customized action plan that enables a step-by-step introduction of AI technologies. Focusing on linking AI and IT governance, integrating departments, employees, and stakeholders, and effective employee leadership.

Networking and Exchange: Additional opportunities for networking and establishing business relationships with C-Level executives and business owners. 

Target Audience of the Seminar:

For C-Level executives, business owners, and AI Transformation officers looking to successfully lead their companies into the future.

copilot ai transformation

Venue and Time:

Munich, Ganghoferstr. 66b, 80339 Munich
Start: April 18, 2024, at 9:00 AM
End: April 19, 2024, at 6:00 PM
(2 days of 8 hours each)

Language: German
Drinks and lunch are included.

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The Speakers:

Sascha Frystacki

- Managing Director at PromptingBirds

Sascha is our expert on AI tools and transformation at PromptingBirds. Throughout his diverse career as a business coach, CEO at DIT, Chief Product Officer of “Digital Solutions” at DEHN, or Product Director at Gini, Sascha had the opportunity to actively support many companies in their digital (AI) transformation. He believes that AI and prompt engineering are crucial for sustainably improving a company’s productivity and quality. In addition to choosing the right technology and its technical integration, the focus is always on PEOPLE at the heart of every change. With over 10 years of experience in agile software development, especially as a Product Owner, Sascha has deep expertise in developing agile teams.

Behdad Tabatabaei

- Managing Director at EEnexus Digital

Behdad brings many years of consulting experience in digitalization and transformation projects, Lean and Agile Management, and business process optimization. As an expert in complex transformation projects, he ensures that strategic initiatives lead to success and sustainable changes in organizations. His skill set and commitment to developing individual solutions, along with his people-centered approach, make him a valuable speaker for our C-Level Class.


- Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Marcel, a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft for six years, shares his personal experiences with 365 Copilot as an insider and offers valuable insights into its current and future developments. At Microsoft, Marcel advises various companies on their cloud strategy. In this role, he focuses on supporting businesses in becoming data-driven by analyzing their requirements and shaping their data infrastructure in areas like IoT and Event Streaming, Data Warehousing, and Machine Learning. Additionally, he imparts his technical and business knowledge as a coach at hackathons, a mentor for startups and peers, as well as a university lecturer and book author.


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