GPTs for Lawyers
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Efficiency Improvement through AI for Specialized Law Firms

Automating recurring inquiries

Precise answers (minimal errors, maximum benefit using RAG)

Automating incoming complaints

AI-supported templates for specialized lawyers

Data security (On-Premise and GDPR-compliant. Data remains protected)

Efficiency improvement (more time for valuable tasks)

Results from our clients

Up to

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reduction in operating costs

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increase in productivity

Up to

1 x

faster case processing

Easy to Use and Highly Efficient

A request, complaint, or legal document arrives via email, post, or beA. The document is scanned or directly provided to the GPT system. The GPT processes the document securely and in compliance with data protection regulations, considering specific professional and law firm expertise. A draft is ready for review, approval, or dispatch. Optionally, the GPT can also be used via chatbot for customer inquiries.

The system can be tailored to the specific needs of the law firm, offering optimal user-friendliness and data security.

On-premise AI applications offer significant advantages. They enable complete control over data and operations, minimize operational costs, and allow customized fine-tuning for specific use cases and specialized vocabulary. This ensures the necessary quality for law firms. They are particularly useful for specialized legal terminology and advanced applications like intelligent document information retrieval (Retrieval-Augmented Generation, RAG).

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LLM for lawyers implementation process

Phases of Implementation

Our custom GPT for law firms is developed and integrated through a structured process to ensure maximum efficiency and user-friendliness. The process includes defining use cases and data analysis during the research phase, followed by the creation and fine-tuning of a prototype. In the integration phase, the model is incorporated into the firm’s infrastructure, and users are trained. Continuous support ensures the system always functions optimally and adapts to current requirements. This approach allows for tailored adaptation and seamless integration, efficiently automating routine tasks for law firms.

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