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Explore diverse seminars at PromptingBirds on Microsoft 365 Copilot and generative AI. Our targeted trainings and personal coaching sessions enhance your skills in these key technologies. We tailor our offerings to your needs, whether you seek comprehensive advice or in-depth knowledge. Use Microsoft Copilot and AI to boost your professional activities. If you have questions, we are here to help – contact us to revolutionize your workflow together.

Microsoft Copilot, embedded in Microsoft 365, showcases the application of generative AI technologies to enhance productivity and efficiency with AI-driven assistance. Generative AI’s ability to independently create content such as texts, images, or code is based on extensive data and learning processes. Copilot leverages these advanced AI capabilities to support users in their daily tasks, offering smart solutions for routine tasks and opening new avenues for creative and analytical challenges, positioning Copilot at the forefront of technological innovation by revolutionizing work methods across various fields using generative AI.

PromptingBirds distinguishes itself as a specialist by offering personalized consultations tailored to individual use cases in the fields of Microsoft Copilot and generative AI. Their expertise allows for the development of specific solutions that meet unique needs and challenges, maximizing the potential benefits of these technologies for projects and objectives.

Training in Microsoft Copilot and generative AI is crucial as these technologies are powerful but not as intuitive as traditional software solutions. Proper training is key to unlocking their full potential and integrating them efficiently into daily work routines.

PromptingBirds offers a range of seminars on Microsoft Copilot and generative AI, including user training, sales-focused sessions, and specialized topics to explore the diverse capabilities of these technologies.

PromptingBirds’ unique training concept blends general and specialized courses, focusing on individual use cases, supported by online training and small group seminars to address personal challenges. This approach ensures high effectiveness and significant added value for participants.

Yes, PromptingBirds specializes in customized training concepts for companies to sustainably shape the AI transformation process, including “Train the Trainer” approaches and comprehensive consulting to deeply embed AI expertise within the organization.

You can easily register for seminars online through the PromptingBirds website. Alternatively, registration via message or phone is also possible, but will require a confirmation in response.

Seminars are open to both corporate and private participants. Relevant information, including company details for invoicing, can be provided during registration.

Cancellation fees may vary depending on when the cancellation is made before the seminar start date. For detailed information on this matter, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

You don’t need special materials for our seminars. For onsite training, bringing a laptop is recommended for the best interaction. If that’s not possible, we offer online seminars or can discuss individual solutions. We use only test environment data in our training to ensure data protection and security. For more details, see our “Data Protection and Security” section.

Bringing a laptop with Microsoft Copilot or related tools installed is ideal for seminar participation, enhancing the learning experience, but it’s not mandatory.

Basic technical skills, especially with Microsoft Office Suite, are beneficial but not required. Our seminars are designed to be supportive regardless of participants’ technical knowledge levels.

After completing our seminars, you’ll receive all training materials, including presentations and worksheets, via email or download.

Each participant will receive a PromptingBirds Certificate of Participation, which is sent by mail or, if requested, also delivered via email.

You can join the PromptingBirds Community and have the option to subscribe to our special participant newsletter. Additionally, we offer personalized advanced options that can be tailored to your needs.

At PromptingBirds, personal data is handled in compliance with the strict regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act. Data processing is limited to the scope of contractual services, ensuring all personal information is treated with utmost care and security.

Our data protection practices include secure storage and processing of your data, responsible handling of contact information, and adherence to all relevant data protection laws. We emphasize transparent communication as outlined in our Terms and Conditions and respect your data privacy rights regarding access, correction, and deletion of your data.

PromptingBirds accepts invoice payments via bank transfer, ensuring secure and traceable transactions. If you prefer alternative payment methods, you’re welcome to submit a request for consideration.

After registration, an invoice is automatically generated and sent to you via email, containing all essential details in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

All financial concerns are handled in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, with a commitment to flexibly address individual requests.

Our seminars are tailored to meet your professional needs through an initial analysis of your requirements and goals, ensuring the content aligns with your specific use cases. We’re committed to working with you to find the ideal solution.

Yes, we offer personalized consultations to address individual or company-specific inquiries, helping to optimize the use of Microsoft Copilot and generative AI in your work environment.

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