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AI Agents
& Custom Workflows

AI Agents & Custom Workflows:

• Leverage intelligent AI agents for autonomous task performance.
• Together, we optimize your workflows with custom AI solutions tailored to your needs.

Microsoft Copilot Customization

Microsoft Copilot Customization:

• We customize Microsoft Copilot and PowerApps to fit your company's needs.
• And provide guidance on how these applications, such as Copilot Chatbots in Teams, can be best utilized within the company.

AI Product Development

Custom AI Product Development:

• From idea to implementation: we create custom AI products and AI Apps for your company together.
• Innovative solutions for your competitive advantage.

Company GPTs & Custom LLMs

Custom Large Language Models:

• We develop and secure custom LLMs to meet your specific needs.
• Together, we ensure high data security and maximum efficiency.

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Your AI Business Transformation

1. AI Potential Analysis

Understand your opportunities: Our experts identify where AI can boost productivity, save costs or unlock new potentials, tailored to your business needs.

Result: A clear vision of the future company, with an AI booster recommendation, cost-benefit analysis, and visible potential time and cost savings over the next 2-3 years.

2. AI Strategy

We develop a comprehensive AI strategy that includes AI governance, tool selection, and people enablement, while taking individual needs into account.

Result: A comprehensive structure from AI governance to strategy, ensuring your organization is ready for successful AI integration.

3. AI Implementation

We ensure that the AI strategy is implemented in compliance with GDPR, support the development and integration of customized AI solutions, and facilitate efficient execution.

Result: Experience transformative improvements in efficiency and sustainable cost savings through automated AI processes, agents, and other advanced capabilities, such as internal custom chatbots.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Training

4. People Enablement

Our training team supports employees in understanding and integrating deployed AI technologies into their daily routines. People enablement is a crucial success factor, as generative applications fundamentally change the way we work, and only well-prepared employees can effectively utilize the new technologies.

Result: Employees who are proficient in handling AI, efficiently utilize new technologies, and significantly contribute to the success of the company.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Training

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Experte AI Governance

Our Mission

Revolutionizing business productivity with AI and supporting it with modern solutions. We see ourselves as smart AI consultants, inspiring sparring partners and people enablers, supporting an effective AI transformation. Our goal: to prepare companies for the world of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

AGI: The Future of Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will reach human intellectual capabilities and revolutionize every industry. Visionaries like Elon Musk predict AGI by 2025, raising important questions for businesses: How can we adapt? What will the impacts be? The potential is enormous and offers powerful new opportunities.

PromptingBirds understands the immense value of AI technology and successfully applies it in practice. AI agents are already significantly boosting productivity and efficiency, and with AGI, this potential will be elevated to a new level. With our AI Factory, we help businesses harness the transformative power of AI and prepare for the future of AGI with innovative solutions.

Discover the potential of AI for your business!

  • Identifying Opportunities: We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your company to determine the potential of AI and the resulting productivity gains and cost savings. This includes considering possibilities with AI agents, workflows, tools, LLMs, and custom AI developments.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Receive a detailed report with personalized AI booster recommendations, including a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis and an implementation roadmap.

  • Future outlook: Gain a clear visualization of AI’s potential through a use case and cost-benefit analysis to deeply understand the potential opportunities and their impact on your company.

AI Use Case Analysis - Matrix

Start an initial interactive session with us to understand the possibilities and applications of AI in your company, as well as its costs and benefits.

Unleash the potential of AI with our expertise and benefit from our experience, which we are eager to share. Ready for the AI transformation? Let’s talk!

Develop a robust AI strategy with us!

  • Holistic AI Strategy and Governance: We have extensive experience in establishing a comprehensive AI governance framework and support the development of a detailed AI strategy covering all levels of the organization. This includes defining KPIs, timelines, and resource allocation for responsible and effective AI implementation.

  • People Enablement Strategy: It is crucial to always consider people enablement in tandem with AI strategy. We develop tailored strategies to empower employees through training, interactive workshops, and continuous support for the effective use and integration of AI solutions.

AI Governance Strategie

Develop a smart AI strategy and governance documentation with us that supports corporate goals and ensures a smooth transition to AI implementation.

Interested in a solid AI strategy? Schedule a personal consultation to get started!

Seamlessly integrate AI into your operations!

  • Implementation of your AI Solutions: We implement the developed strategy by integrating tailored AI solutions into systems, adapting processes, and ensuring seamless implementation. Based on the defined strategy and use case analysis, we support the development and implementation of generative AI workflows, including AI agents, custom workflows, tools, LLMs, and tailored AI capabilities to automate complex processes and increase efficiency. We ensure data security and confidentiality throughout the process.

Custom AI Workflows

Implement AI effectively and sustainably in your company and empower teams and departments to utilize AI.

Ready for a smooth AI integration? Schedule a meeting with us to learn more!

Utilize effective training and continuous development methods!

  • Competence Development in Dealing with AI: Studies show that 50% of all employees in companies feel uncertain about using AI. Our change and training team conducts practical training to promote understanding and acceptance of AI. We offer tailored training programs, workshops, and continuous support, customized to the specific needs of your company. This ensures that employees safely integrate new technologies into their daily work.

  • Result: Employees who handle AI confidently, use new technologies efficiently, and contribute significantly to the success of the company.

Training Concept Microsoft Copilot

Conduct practical training sessions and customized training programs with us that help employees understand AI capabilities and individual use cases, integrating them into their daily work. More information about our training concept is available here.

Interested in making your employees proficient in dealing with AI? Schedule a personal consultation to get started!